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English Welsh key te

Key exam terms in English and welsh

Rhowch gyfrif am/ Account for Explain the process or reason for something being the way it is.
Dadansoddi /Analyse Explore the main ideas of the subject; show why they are important and how they are related.
Asesu /Assess To judge or decide the amount, value, quality or importance of something
Rhoi sylwadau am /Calculate Find out by maths
Comment on Discuss the subject, explain it give an opinion on it.
cymharu /Compare Show similarities and /or differences
Gorffennwch /Conclude Decide after reasoning
Cyferbyniad /Contrast Show the differences.
diffinio /Define Give the meaning of.
Disgrifiwch /Describe Give a detailed account of
trafod /Discuss Explore the subject by looking at its advantages and disadvantages and arrive at a conclusion
gwerthuso /Evaluate Give an opinion after assessed different points of view (good and bad points)
Esboniwch /Explain Describe giving reasons and causes
Rhowch resymau/ Give reasons for Explain how and why something is that way.
adnabod /Identify Recognise something.
Darluniwch/Illustrate Show by explaining and giving examples
Nodwch /Indicate Point out, make something known
Cyfiawnhewch /Justify Give good reasons for offering a conclusion.
Rhestrwch /List An item by item record
Amlinelliad /Outline Concentrate on the main bits of the topic.
Crynhowc/ Summarise Give the main points of an idea or argument
dehongli /Interpret Explain the meaning by using examples
dosbarthu /Classify Arrange or include in classes/categories
Deduce / ddiddwytho Draw conclusions
yn dangos /Demonstrate Show by example
ymchwilio /Investigate Plan, inquire into and draw conclusions about
rhagfynegi /Predict Suggest what may happen based on available information
cynnig /Propose Put forward ideas...
Created by: Mrs. Agnew



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