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Properties of Water

Water is a polar molecule because _____________________. it has one end that is negatively charged and another end that is positively charged
In a water molecule, the hydrogen atom has a slight __________ charge. positive
Polar mixes (likes) __________ molecules. polar
In our lab, oil and water did not mix because oil is __________. nonpolar
In our lab, water and food coloring mix because food coloring is __________. polar
A ______________ bond is formed when atoms share electrons. covalent
Two types of bonds occur because opposite charges attract, they are: ionic and hydrogen
In a single water molecule, the hydrogen and oxygen atoms are held together by a __________ bond. covalent
In a water molecule, the oxygen has a slight _______________ charge. negative
In an atom, protons and neutrons make up the _____________, of the atom and this has an overall ______________ charge. nucleus, positive
Water molecules are attracted to each other by ___________ bonds. hydrogen
Which property of water allows it to dissolve polar and ionic substances our bodies need such as salt. universal solvent
Which property of water allows water molecules to cling to other water molecules? cohesion
Water is pulled from the roots of a plant up its stem by ____________________. capillary action
Which property of water allows it to cling to another surface (such as the stem of a plant)? adhesion
Electrons have a __________ charge. negative
Be able to draw water molecules showing: hydrogen bonds, covalent bonds, correctly label the hydrogen and oxygen atoms and indicate their charges. hydrogen (+ charge), oxygen (- charge); covalent bond between hydrogen and oxygen atoms; hydrogen bond between water molecules -- remember, opposites attract.
Are hydrogen bonds a strong or weak bond? weak
Sodium chloride (table salt) is held together by an _______ bond. ionic
What property of water causes surface tension? cohesion
Why is it important for our cells that water is an universal solvent? otherwise, substances like sugar and salt wouldn't be able to able to enter our cells
How does salt dissolve in water? As the ionic bond holding sodium chloride together breaks, the negative oxygen surround the positive sodium and the positive hydrogen surround the negative chloride.
Is the cell membrane polar or nonpolar? nonpolar
Created by: jloehr