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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Quiz

What are renewable resources? resources that can replenish themselves over time
What would Earth be like without the greenhouse effect? It would be too cold to be habitable
What factors interact to produce smog? sunlight and pollutants from fossil fuels
The pH of normal rain is what? 5.6
Which level of the food chain is most effected by biomagnification? tertiary consumers
In what biome is biodiversity the highest? tropical rain forests
Protecting an umbrella species may lead to what? protection of many other species
Describe Earth's human carrying capacity? increasing due to improved technology and medicine
Why is firewood considered a renewable resource? It can be replenished over time
What causes the level of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere to rise and fall over hundreds of thousands of years? natural climate cycles
Why is smog a more serious problem in the southern United States than in the northern United States? Sunlight is more abundant in the southern United States.
What has contributed to the depletion of fish populations worldwide? catching reproduction-age fish
What would happen if an ecosystem were to increase in its biodiversity? increase the ecosystem's stability
A predator might control an introduced species by doing what? keeping the population from increasing
How has the introduction of kudzu affected native species in the southeastern United States? It has covered native plants, depriving them of sunlight
Canned tuna made from small fish is generally considered to be safer to eat than canned tuna from large fish. Why? due to biomagnifications, the larger fish would contain more toxins
Created by: morbidloner66