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verbos des espanol4

another verb list

abonar to pay
aclarar to clarify
afanarse por to strive to
aplaudir to applaud
brindar to toast (drinks)
consultar to consult
demorar to delay
descansar to rest
deslizar to slip
destruir to destroy
divulgar to divulge (to give out)
empujar to push
enfocar to focus
entender to understand
equivocarse to be mistaken
establecer to establish
experimentar to experience/ to experiment
festejar to celebrate
fumar to smoke
haber to have + past participle
hospitalizar to hospitalize
infundir to instill
ir to go
lacerar to lacerate
llevarse bien to get along with
masticar to chew
mudarse to move (resdience)
odiar to hate
pagar to pay
perder el vuelo to miss a flight
poner una inyecciòn to give a shot
presentir to have a premonition
proteger to protect
querer to want/ to love
recorrer to go over/through/ to travel
releer to reread
requemar to scorch
resultar to result
sacar notas to get grades
silbar to whistle
soportar to tolerate/ to put up with
toser to cough
ubicarse to be located
voltear to turn over
Created by: froggersam