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Lang Arts Vocab #2

suspense increasingly strong sense that something ACTION-PACKED is going to happen
foreboding increasingly strong sense that something BAD is going to happen(type of suspense)
confrontation hostile meeting/situation between opposing parties
point of view particular attitude or way of considering a matter
perspective point of view
connotation idea/feeling associated with word beyond literal meaning
denotation literal/primary meaning of word
literal taking words in their most basic & exact sense
figurative taking words in a metaphorical sense
horror literary genre designed to scare living snot out of you
DISmember chop body into pieces
DEcapitate chop head of body (Latin for head=caput)
DEfenestrate push someone out window(Latin for window=fenestra)
suffocate die/cause to die from lack of air/inability to breathe
EXsanguinate drain of blood(Latin for blood= sanguinem)
archaic very old-fashioned
keen wail of grief for dead
macabre gruesome/horrifying
mournful sorrow/sad
premonition forewarning
entomb place in tomb/bury
phantom ghost/apparition/specter
amulet protective charm
conjure produce as if by magic
exhume dig something out of buried earth
stench offensive smell
crypt underground tomb
noun part of speech that names person/place/thing/idea
pronoun part of speech that replaces a noun
verb part of speech that shows action/being
adjective part of speech that describes noun/pronoun
adverb part of speech that describes verb/adjective/another adverb
conjunction part of speech that that links words/phrases/clauses
coordinating conjunctions For And But Or Yet So
forms of "be" am is are was were be being been
declarative sentence sentence that makes a statement
interrogative sentence sentence that asks a question
imperative sentence sentence that makes request/command
exclamatory sentence sentence that shows emotion
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