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Careers Descriptions

admitting clerk/officer assigning rooms, maintaining records and obtain and process information
cardiovascular technologist assist with cardiac surgeries and perform test to check circulation of blood vessels.
dental assistant work under the supervision of dentists and prepare patients for examinations.
funeral director provide support to the survivors; interview the family of the deceased to establish details of the funeral ceremonies
phlebotomist individual who collects blood and prepares it for tests
medical assistant work under the supervision of physicians; prepare patients for examinations; take vital signs and medical histories
massage therapist Use the technique of muscle relaxation to treat injuries.
athletic trainer specializes in prevention and treatment of athletic injuries and rehab to athletes.
dentist (DMDs or DDSs) a doctor who specializes in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases of the teeth and gums.
emergency medical technician/paramedic provide pre-hospital care, along with in-depth patient assessment
healthcare adminstrator plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise delivery of healthcare and manage the operation of facilities.
optometrist (ODs) a licenses, nonmedical practitioner who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of vision defects
pharmacist (PharmDs) dispense medications per written orders from healthcare professionals.
physical therapist provide treatment to improve mobility
physicians examine patients, obtain medical histories, perform routine physical examinations.
physician assistant work under the supervision of physicians, take medical histories; perform routine physical examinations
pyschologist study human behavior and help individuals deal with everyday problems.
radiologist technologist use X-rays, radiation, ultrasound to diagnoses and treat diseases.
registered nurse (RNs) work under the direction of a physician and provide total care to patients.
respiratory therapist treat patients with heart and lung diseases by administering oxygen, gases, or meds.
social worker (SWs) aid people and refer them to community resources for assistance.
speech-language pathologist identify, evaluate, and treat people with speech and language disorders.
surgical technologist/technicians (STs) prepare patients for surgery, set up instruments, equipment, and supplies for the operating room
veterinarians (DVMs or VMDs) work to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries in animals.
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