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ipa vowel

pratice on vowels /postion of vowels

examples of front vowels seat that wet guess did late
examples of central vowel but bird luck supper(both vowels) once firm
examples of back vowels call tune load log push took
/i/ (front -high tense rounded) he seed reeling knead lease please leap phoenix
/I/ (high mid front lax and unrounded) hid limp did list cyst bid slid till swim
/e/ (mid- front tense unround) chaos locate staying ballet
/ʒ/ (low mid front lax unrounded) bet ferry berry merry spell tear (e in words)any send again(second a)
/æ/ (low front lax and unrounded) bad sass hand crass glass hang bland
/a/ (low-frontlax and unrounded) rarely appears in english
/ɝ/ (mid central tense and rounded )(stressed) sir irk work divert(er) return (ur) worker (or) stirrup (irr)
/ɚ/ (mid-central lax and rounded schwar) (unstressed) northern (er) upper ruler laquer earner (or) stupor
/ə / (mid- central, lax and unrounded)(schwa)(unstressed) again abut await ruckus (us) imitate (i in middle) purpose (o)
/ʌ / (mid central lax and rounded) (stressed) rough nut abut enough (u)sun supper (U) ruckus(u with c) upset(u) once(O)
/u/ (high-back tense and rounded) sue ooze noodle pollute canoe cruise new cruel balloon
/ʊ/ (high mid back lax and unrounded) wood hoof should nook bull understood good cook pull sugar
/o/ (mid back tense rounded) rotate locate mode toes ocean ode collate emotion road rollcall donate solo
/ɔ/ low back tense and unrounded) hop pot clod balm folly opera slot doll holly
vowel l is a sound in spoken language, such as English ah! [ɑː] or oh! [oʊ], pronounced with an open vocal tract so that there is no build-up of air pressure at any point above the glottis.
Created by: lovespurple