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Hatchet - Test Friday Oct. 30, 2015

Altitude How high something is.
Cockpit Part of the plane where the pilot flies the plane.
transmitter equipment that sends out signals
altimeter equipment that shows how high you are flying
compass equipment that shows what direction you are flying
dashboard the part of the car or plane that has the controls and gauges.
evaluate to look at the problem and figure out what to do.
predict to think what is going to happen next.
visualize what you see in your mind or think something will look like.
What do you need to survive? Needs: food, water, cloths, weapons, tools. Needs to know how to: build a shelter, keep, warm, gather food.
Murky cloudy
frantic anxious/crazy
initial first to take place
obvious observable everyone know it.
slender lean/skinny
positive to always think of a good outcome/ optimistic
diminish lessen/less taken away
A first Brian thought the location would be _______ to anyone conducting the search obvious
As each day went by, the pains he suffered as a result of the crash seemed to ________ diminish
Brian could not see his reflection in the _______ water Murky
In order to survive, Brian would need to develop a __________ attitude, never give up hope. positive
When she talked, she gestured with her long, _____ fingers slender
My _____ reaction was to ignore his complaints, but then I began to realize that he might be right. initial
She made one last ______ please to be saved frantic
Point of View: I saw the puppies in their bed and knew we would take one home First Person
Point of View: Bob heard sirens as he walked out of the airport onto the street Third Person
They skated across the frozen pond quickly and silently Third Person
Pull Bellow
Hungry Starved
Hit Wrench
Fear Panic
Damaged Battered
Shout Slam
Anger Rage
Created by: WTR11754