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Unit 3 Biochemistry

What are elements? pure substances that cannot be broken down
96% of the mass of life is made of these 6 elements (HINT: CHONPS) Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur
What is an atom? the simplest particle of an element
What is an Ion? an atom that gains or loses an electron or electrons
What is a positive ion? an ion that has lost one or more electrons
What is a negative ion? an ion that has gained an electron
How do ionic bonds form? positively charged ions are attracted to each other
How does a covalent bond form? atoms share electrons to achieve a full electron shell
What are the properties of water? Cohesive, Adhesive, Solvent, Expands when frozen, High specific heat, absorbs heat when evaporated
What is capillary action? water flows up narrow tubes against gravity because of adhesion to tube and cohesion to water above
What is surface tension? surface of water behaves like an elastic film because of cohesion of surface water
What are macromolecules made out of? carbon and hydrogen
What is the monomer of carbs? monosaccaride
What is the structure of carbs? rings of carbon
What is the main function of carbs? store energy
What is the monomer of lipids? fatty acids
What is the structure of lipids? long carbon chains
What are the main functions of lipids? energy, insulation, cell membrane
What is the monomer of nucleic acids? nucleotides
What is the structure of nucleic acids? long strands
What is the main function of nucleic acid? carry genetic info for making proteins
What is the monomer of proteins? amino acids
What is the structure of proteins? complex folded shapes
What are the mains functions of proteins? structure, transport, movement, defense, regulation of cell functions
What factors affect enzyme activity? temperature and pH
What are the most important elements for life? CHONPS (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus, Sulfur)
How many bonds can carbon form? 4 covalent bonds
What kind of molecule is an enzyme? protein
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