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Foundations in Personal Finance Chapter 8

Diversification The practice of dividing the money a person invests between several different types of investments in order to lower risk
Investing setting money aside to grow wealth
Investment money set aside for more than 5 years for long-term growth
Liquidity Assets that can be converted quickly into cash without penalty
Portfolio List of investments
Risk Degree of uncertainty of return on assets
Risk Return Rate Substantial reward compared to amount of risk taken
Share Piece of ownership in a company, mutual fund or investment
Stock Securities that represent part ownership in a corporation
Tax Favored Dollar Tax deferred or tax free investment in retirement plan
Dividend Distribution of earnings to stockholders
Rule of 72 the time it will take to double a sum of money by dividing 72 by the expected interest rate to determine the number of years.
The ROTH IRA funded with after-tax money so you can use your Roth tax free in retirement.
IRS~Internal Revenue Service Agency responsible for collecting taxes and the interpretation and enforcement of the tax code
529 Plan A plan set up to allow families to set aside funds for college
Speculative Purchasing risky investments that present the possibility of large profits but pose high risk of loss
401k a retirement savings plan offered by corp to its employees.
403b nonprofits
Commodities Agricultural or mining products.
SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission The government agency responsible for regulating the stock market.
FDIC Federal agency that insures
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