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Bahasa Indonesia

Berkabut blur
seakan like
berharap hope
Memuaskan satisfy
mengai scraping
Disekanya wipe
mengalir flow
cekung hollow
derita hidup Suffer
dihadapinya faces
Batinnya merintih sedih Heart moans sadness
celoteh babble/chirp
semata wayangnya only child
binar bright
menyiratkan implied
disesaki crowded
menenteng carry
Celotehnya chattering
pedih bitter
merajuk sulk
lecet blister
kabur run away
tak memperdulikan don't care
Bergegas Soon
sempat briefly
terhenyak stunned
pemulung scavenger
sungkan hesitate
jok beludru velvet
berbau sampah smelling trash
Apik Bagus
melindungi protected
menenteng carry
menyala-nyala spark
benalu parasite
gedong building
berkaca kaca abaout to cry
terharu moved/touched
secarik a piece of
lusuh shabby
terhenyak subside
menohok strike
sigap spry/alert
mengulurkan put out
melongokkan take a peek
sikap sempurna perfect attitude
Bandingkan compare
menganggap assume
beban burden
deretan raw
asal-asalan Carelessly
berjongkok squat
prihatin concer
sejurus awhile
menyelidik search out
disangka doubt / as guessed
mengemis beg
Created by: kaylee72sommers



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