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archaebacteria oldest form of bacteria and are the extremophiles
eubacteria heterotroph decomposers
which bacteria kingdom is most closely related to the other kingdoms? eubacteria
saprobes decomposers
what are the 3 shapes of bacteria sphere, rod, spiral
coccus sphere
bacillus rod
spirllium spiral
prefix Diplo pair
prefix strepto chain
prefix staphylo cluster
major method of reproduction used by bacteria asexual
nitrogen-fixing bacteria they convert nitrogen to nitrates which the plants absorb to make proteins and nucleic acid
name of bacteria that live on dead material heterotrophs
name of harmful bacteria pathogens
two ways bacteria can harm living organisms
age of oldest bacteria fossils 3.8 billion
chemosynthetic in deep ocean vents convert hydrogen sulfide gas into energy
cyanobacteria photosynthetic bacteria which act as producers in many aquatic ecosystems
thermophiles archaebacteria from hot springs and other high temperature environments
methanogens make methane gas as a waste product, found is swamp sediments sewage and buried landfills
4 methods to stop or slow down bacteria growth on food pastuerization, sterilization, refrigeration, freezing (salting/drying)
do bacteria break down their food inside or outside their cells?
how does the way bacteria breaks down their food inside their cell compare to eukaryote cells?
role of soil decomposers to release nutrients for plant growth
exotoxins proteins produced inside gram positive bacteria which produce fever, weakness, and capillary damage
endospore handle a lot of environmental stress
how do antibiotics kill bacteria? damage cell walls, damage cell membranes, prevent protein synthesis, prevent DNA copying, and interfere with bacterial metabolism
what is the harm of antibiotic overuse? it can damage the good or normal bacteria
why is gram staining used on bacteria? to help doctors diagnose the disease
gram positive bacteria large amount of peptidoglycan
which antibiotic kills gram positive bacteria? penicilin
gram negative bacteria thin layer of peptidoglycan
which antibiotic kills gram negative bacteria? tetracycline
which photosynthetic bacteria changed earths atmosphere? cyanobacteria
what did cyanobacteria do to change the worlds atmosphere? they made the first oxygen in it
chemoautrophic bacteria help plants to get nitrogen from air
what crucial role does chemoautrophic bacteria lay in soil for plants? important for nitrification which helps plants make proteins
heterotrophic bacteria release nutrients for plants to absorb
what crucial role does heterotrophic bacteria okay in the environment? major decomposers of the living world
rhizobium bacteria heterotrophic bacteria that live within nodules on the roots of legumes
relationship between rhizobium and plants plant gives it a place to live, it gives plant nitrates to use in plant protein
process of bacteria reproduction binary fission
how much smaller is bacteria compared to eukaryote 10x
3 good things about bacteria decomposers, convert nitrogen in soil, help with digestion
Created by: edenbreslauer