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cells vocab 1


Spontaneous generation life could spring from nonliving things
Metabolism metabolism is the sum total chemical reactions that occur in living things
ingestion eating or putting food in mouth
digestion is a process by which food is food is broken down to simpler substances
Respiration the process by which living take in oxygen and use to produce energy is called respiration
Excretion the process of getting rid of waste materials is called excretion
Stimulus A stimulus is any change in the environment ,or surroundings ,of an organism that produces response
Food the kind of foods organisms eat varies considerably. life span is the maximum length of time
Water living things are made of water and it is thing you drink
compound composed of the elements silicon and oxygen
carbohydrates the major thing of energy for living things
fats and oils Another group of energy rich compounds made of carbon hydrogen,
oxygen are fats and oils also stuff that you breathe in
Proteins are organic compounds of made up of carbohydrates, and oxygen
Homeostasis the ability to keep conditions inside the body the same
organic compounds which is usually combined with other
Enzyme A special type of proteins that regulates chemicals activity within the body .
Nucleic acids are organic chemicals
DNA DNA stores the information needed to build proteins
Amino acids amino acids combine in many ways they have many different proteins
RNA RNA carries info from dna
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