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Animal Behavior

7th Grade PBIS Animals in Action Learning Set 1

data recorded measurements or observations (AIA 12) ethologist- a biologist who studies the behavior of animals in their natural environment
ethogram a table used to record observations of animal behavior
category a set or class of things with similar characteristics, properties, or attributes
trend something that occurs over and over again
reliable data data this is the same when collected many times or by different people
interpretation a description of the meaning of something
explanation a statement that connects a claim to evidence and science knowledge
valid well-grounded or justifiable
behavior an animal’s response to its environment
adaptation a special trait that allows an animal to survive in its environment
species a group of organisms that look alike and can breed with other members of the group and produce fertile offspring
instinctive behavior a behavior an animal is born with
learned behavior a behavior that comes from teaching or experience
mammal a warm-blooded animal with hair and in which the female has special glands to feed milk to its offspring
metabolism the combination of chemical reactions through which an organism builds up or breaks down materials, converting energy to carry out its life processes
calorie the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1° C
Calorie the amount of energy in foods; one Calorie is the same as 1 kilocalorie or 1,000 calories
roosts communal resting places, mostly for a single species of birds
homeostasis the maintenance of stable internal conditions in an organism
mammary glands milk-producing glands found in female mammals that are used to feed the young
hatchling a very young baby bird
enzymes organic substances that cause chemical changes in other substances
regurgitate to bring partially-digested food up from the stomach into the mouth
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