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Chapter 5 & 6 Test

8 Factors that determine radiation injury Total dose, Dose rate, total volume irradiated, Species, Individual sensitivity, Cell sensitivity, Tissue sensitivity, Age
What does total dose depend on? Type, energy, and duration. The greater the dose the more severe the biological effect.
Three most sensitive tissues Blood forming organs, reproductive organs, and lens of the eye.
Most radioresistant Enamel.
True or False- Humans are the most radiosensitive species? True.
Most sensitive cell leukocyte.
What happens at 50R 150R 250R 450R 600R 50R- blood changes 150R- nausea 250R- male gonads become temporary sterile. 450R- 50% death 600R- death to whole body.
Collimation does what to the x-ray beam? Controls the size and shape of a useful beam with the lead diagram Reduces scatter and secondary radiation.
F Speed Film Faster, large crystals, less clear, less radiation
D Speed Film Slower, smaller crystals, more clear
How is TOTAL filtration calculated? Inherent filtration+added filtration=TOTAL
Ideal distance for the operator to stand away from the primary beam? 6 Feet
Can we measure absorbed dose? No.
What two doses can we measure? Entrance (skin dose) and exit dose.
Maximum Permissible Dose for Health care providers. 50 mSv/ year 1 mSv/ week
Maximum Permissible Dose for general public? 5 mSv/ year
What does DXTTR stand for? Dental X-ray Technician Training Replica
Direct Theory X-ray photons collide with important cell chemicals and break them apart by ionization. 1/3 of biological alterations from x-radiation exposure result from a direct effect.
Indirect Theory Radiation can cause chemical damage to the cell by ionizing the water within it.
Descending Order of radio sensitivity Leukocytes, erythrocytes, immature reproductive cells, epithelial cells, endothelial cells, connective tissue cells, bone cells, nerve cells, brain cells, muscle cells.
Genetic Effect changes to genetic cells, that effect the offspring and future generations, but not the irraidiated individual.
Sequence of events after radiation exposure Latent period, period of injury, recovery period.
Deterministic Effect When the severity of the change is dependent on the dose.
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