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Biology Booklet 10

Human impact on the environment

What is population explosion? A dramatic increase in the growth of a population
Name 4 factors that have caused the world population explosion? Better healthcare Not many natural predators Perfect world climate Diet aand nutrition
Name 3 problems the world population create? Less food to go around More carbon dioxide being produced More trees needing to be cut down to make space for humans
List 3 techniques used in intensive farming? Competing plants are removed herbivorous animals are removed Animals are kept inside
What are herbicides used for? They are used to kill any unwanted plants
What effect do herbicides have on biodiversity? They reduce the biodiversity
What are the two effects on a plant using pesticides? The plants are less damaged They photosynthesise more
What are the disadvantages of pesticides? They will kill animals that eat the crops When it rains the pesticide runs into rivers/lakes
What does battery farming mean? This is when animals are kept inside
Give an example of an animal that is battery farmed Chicken
Created by: jaashley