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Chapter 7 & 8 Vocab

Acidifer A chemical (acetic acid) in the fixer solution that neutralized the alkali in the developer solution and stops further action of the developer.
Automatic Processor A machine that develops, fixes, washes, and dries radiographic film.
Developing Agent Elon and hydroquinone, substances that reduce the halides in the film emulsion to metallic silver.
Duplicating Film A photographic film similar to x-ray films.
Emulsion The gelatinous coating on radiographic film containing silver halide crystals.
Fixing Agent It is one of several chemical ingredients in the fixer solution and functions to remove all unexposed and any remaining undeveloped silver bromide grains from the emulsion.
Halide Part of a halogen compound such as bromide and iodine that together with silver make up radiographic film emulsion.
Identification Dot Small circular embossed mark on the corner of the intra oral x-ray film.
Intensifying Screen Plastic sheet coated with calcium tungstate or rare earth fluorescent salt crystals.
Latent Image The invisible image produced when the film is exposed to x-ray photons.
Occlusal Radiograph Radiograph produced by placing the image receptor against the incised or occlusal plane.
Oxidation The process during which the chemicals of the developing and fixing solutions combine with oxygen and lose their strength.
Pedodontic Film Any smaller-sized film packet; phosphor plate, or digital sensor used for radiographs of children's teeth.
Safelight Special filtered light that can left on in the darkroom while films are processed.
Selective Reduction Chemical change that takes place within the film emulsion during development.
Silver-halide crystals Compounds of a halogen with silver, sensitive to radiation.
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