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Irish/Scots vocab

Dialect words from Irish and Scots vocab

Abecedarian Rudimentary alphabet book
Athair Irish for father.
Bairn Bairn
Bap Bread roll
Battle of Kinsale 1607 the battle England defeated Spain.
Bawn a fortified enclosure.
Beannacht Irish for blessing
Besom Scots for obstinate female
Biscuits Crisp cookies
Black Oath Oath abjuring the Covenant: required by Charles I
Boll of grain, 6 bushels; of cloth, about 30 yards of fabric.
Book 0f Common Order By John Knox a regulated worship of Reformed church.
Caidleagh Irish for party.
Cailin (Colleen) Irish for girl.
Carrick Man's fashionable greatcoat having multiple capes.
Chapmen Peddler.
Clachan Cluster of cottages.
Clairseach Irish harp.
Clandeboye Ancient Gaelic kingdom right now County Down.
Coo Cow.
Copse Clump of trees or a thicket.
Corbie Scots for crow.
Crank Irish for fun.
Croppies Farmers occupying cottages and small holdings of land in exchange for rent or services.
Dearthair Irish for brother.
Deirfiur Irish for sister.
Dia duit Good afternoon.
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