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Circulatory System

key words for circulatory systems

Transport system living things need this to carry substances around body
circulatory system the human transport system also known as . contains blood, blood vessels and heart.
heart muscular pump. sends blood all around body
structure of the heart 4 chambers. 2 atrium and 2 ventricles. divided down middle. 4 valves so blood flows backwards.
blood vessels 3 types. Arteries. Veins and capillaries.
arteries carries blood away from heart
veins carries blood towards heart
capillaries connects veins and arteries
valves prevent backflow
blood 3 main functions. transport , defence against infection and clotting
plasma 95 percent water and 3 types of cells suspended.
red blood cells most common. give blood its colour. contain chemical haemoglobin. this chemical carries oxygen through the body . it doesn't have nucleus.
white blood cells fewer . no definite shape. fights diseases in body and has a nucleus.
3 platelets tiny parts of cells. Are used to clot cuts. NO definite shape. has a nucleus
Human body temp. 37 degrees celcius
pulse rate
Created by: ainepettit