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Bl 10 Cymraeg

Welsh personality adjectives

hapus happy
trist sad
gweithgar hardworking
diog lazy
tawel quiet
swnllyd noisy
caredig kind
hunanol selfish
bywiog lively
swil shy
styfnig stubborn
hyblig flexible
cwrtais polite
anghwrtais rude
doniol funny
diflas boring
hoffus likeable
anhoffgar hateful
dymunol likeable
allblyg outgoing
mewnblyg introvert
ofnus scared
taclus tidy
anniben/ anrhefnus untidy
call sensible
dwl silly
aeddfed mature
plentynnaidd childish
rhesymol reasonable
afresymol unreasonable
neis nice
sbeitlyd spiteful
hyderus brave
Weithiau dw i'n... Sometimes I'm...
Ond weithiau dw i'n... But sometimes I'm...
Dw i'n... I'm...
Dwi ddim yn... I'm not...
Mae...yn... ...is...
Yn fy marn i... In my opinion...
mae fy mam yn meddwl fy mod i'n... my mum thinks I'm...
mae fy athro yn meddwl fy mod i'n... my teacher thinks I'm...
hael generous