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Root and prefixes


AB Away from,off
Dys Abnormal
Anti Against,opposite
Intra Within
Mega Great,Million
Temp Time
Agri Field or soil
Fort Strength, strong
Co Together, of with
scio To know
Morph Shape, or form
Vor Eat Greedily
Able Capable, worth
Flex Bend
Capt To seize
Helio sun
Omni All, every
Sent Feel think
Cred Believe
Domin Master of contral
Phone Sound
Sphere Ball
Levi Light
Di Two
Prim First
Vac Empty
Re Again
Mal Bad
Bene good
Gest carry, bear
Leg law
Tox poison
Eco Envirment
Areo Air
circum around
Mis wrong
Pro Forward
Tele Distance from
Micro small
Roga Ask
DE Down or away
Gress To gather
Chrom color
FLICT Strike
Hydra Water
ology study
Pedo Child
Zo Animal
Trans acroos
Mort death
Rupt Break
Ambi Both
Hemo Blood
Derm skin
sub under
erg work,effert
mari pool,sea
cent hundred
pict show,draw, paint
ject throw
Audi listen, hear
Ex out
corp body
sanct Holy
pathy Feeling, suffering
volv turn
Brev short
Form shape
pre before
scrib write
LITER letters
viv life
struct build
ped foot
mob move
Alb white
Bio Life
spir breath
Mono one
Syn at the same time
Port carry
Geo earth
Deca ten
Valu strength,worth
Oper work
Pac peace
Man hand
Auto self
Cogn To know
Gam Marrige
Ali other
Dis Opposite of, not
Hertero Other,Different
Typ Print
Uni One
Photo Light
Armor Love
Dorm Sleep
Contra Against, opposite
Scope See, watch
Pater father
Vert Turn, change
Biblio Book
Luc Light
Giga Billion
Therm Heat
Nomin Name
Here stick
Frag Break
Graf Writ, Draw
Sect Cut
BI Two
Veri True
Poly Many
Neo New
Sect Cut
Semi Half, Partial
Glu Lump, Bond
Annu Yearly
Terra Earth
Tort Twist
Un Not, aggainst
Chron Time
Hyper Over, above
Psych Mind, soul
Aster Star
DURA Hard, Lasting
Liber Free
MANIA Madness
Super Above,over
Paleo Old
MiLLI Thousandth
Dict Say, Speak
Lav Wash
Cede Surrender
Demo People
Equi Equal
Fide Faith,Trust
Mon Warn
Phabia Fear
Spect Look,See
Tang Touch
Nov new
Homo Same
Co Together or with
Fy Make
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