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Med Surge Finals

Integmentary disorders

Function of the Skin Protection, Temp regulation, Vit.D synthesis
Epidermis outter layer of skin
Dermis True skin
Subcutaneous layer Superficial fascia
appendages:sudoreferous gland sweat
appendages:cerumonous gland ear wax
appendages:sebaceous gland oil
appendages glands, hair, and nails
Pruritus symptoms of itching
Chief complant:P Provocative/palliative
Chief complant:Q Quality/quantity
Chief complant:R Regin
Chief complant:S Security
Chief complant:T Time
Skin Assessment to id malignancies:A Asymmetrical
Skin Assessment to id malignancies:B Boarders irregular
Skin Assessment to id malignancies:C Color uneven or irregular
Skin Assessment to id malignancies:D Diameter of growth
Skin Assessment to id malignancies:E Surface area Elevated
Herpes Simples:Patho Type 1 cold soarsType 2 genital (STD) contact
Herpes Simples:manifistation ulcerated ;encrusted
Herpes Simples:assessment Type 1 fituge & pruritusType 2 Flue liks symptoms
Herpes Simples:Diagnostic Test Lab culture
Herpes Simples:medical management No Cure Tx-(ZOVIRAX) Acyclovir <antiviral>
Herpes Simples:NI&Pt teaching keep dry, no contact(to prevent spread), warm compress,
Herpes Zosters(Shingles):Patho effect a single nerve
Herpes Zosters(Shingles):Manifestation pain, body nurve rash
Herpes Zosters(Shingles):Assessment Hx of chickenpocks, scratching, skin abreation
Herpes Zosters(Shingles):Dx Test Virus Culture
Herpes Zosters(Shingles):Medical management controll/prevent infection Steroids(kenalog, Lides)Oral (Zovirax)Good Prognosis
Herpes Zosters(Shingles):NI &Pt teaching Med bath warm compress vit.C premotes healing
Rosea: age 6 to 30 single pink/red face rash
Rosea:patho Viral
Rosea:assessment History/ rash
Rosea:medical management sun bath 30 min/ hydrocortisone cream 1%resulves in frew wks
Rosea:NI & Pt teaching Aveno bath and sun exposure
Cellututis:Patho Bacteria enters body through brake in the skin (stepeticossic)
Cellututis:manifestation tender warm edematus
Cellututis:assessment tender, warm to touch, fituge, and edema
Cellututis:medical management antibotic (cbc Review)Cure 7 to 10 days
Cellututis: NI & Pt Prevent spread
Impetigo Contahiosa: patho Staphyloccus infection
Impetigo Contahiosa:Manifestation mucules- small flat blimish (pulstant)
Impetigo Contahiosa:Assessment Face, hand, arms, leg, -spread by touchFever pt Stop spread
Impetigo Contahiosa:dx test antibotec culture sinsitive test
Impetigo Contahiosa:Medical management Antiboticsgood prognosis
Folliculitis boil: folons where soft tissue is inflammed form inbeded hair
Fungal infection:Tinea Corporis ring worm of the body
Fungal infection:Tinea cruris Jock itch
Fungal infection:Tenea pedis athletes foot
Fungal infection:Manifestation round raised circle area
Fungal infection:Assessment no hair/scratching
Fungal infection:Medical management anti fungal treatmentkeep clean and dryPrognosis good
Contact Dermatitis:patho Hypersensitives to chemicals and plants
Contact Dermatitis:Manifestation Lesions, edema, and papules
Contact Dermatitis:Dx Test Food/ alerhies test
Contact Dermatitis:Medical management Benadyl, keep clean and dry, cut nailsfull recovery
Urticaria wheals
Eczema:Patho allerges
Eczema:Manifestation dry cracked skin,fussy
Eczema: Medical Management Loation
Acne:patho bumps with inflimation;black head
Acne:manifestation face,nedk, sholdre, back (affects self image)
Acne:medical management o2 on face, stress reduction, hygine
Acne:Dx test blood samples
Psoriasis:Patho non infectious skin disorder ; rapid cell devision 7-28 days
Psoriasis:Manifestation lesions on knees scalp elbows
Psoriasis:medical management Calicylic (sylieylic acid)Vasolin
Lupus: patho Autoimmun system inflamatory disorder affecting every body part (genetic)mostly affect wemon No cure
Lupus: manifestation butterfly rash
Lupus: Dx test hemotologic positive ANA, Immunologic, Neuro, Renal
Pediculosis Lice Tx(Kwell)
Tumors of the skin: Keloids an overgrowth of collogen tossue at the sight of a wound; becomes raised and hard
Tumors of the skin: Keloids Tx remove, steroid, readation
Tumors of the skin: Angiomas When a group ao blood vessels dilate and form a tumor like mass( birth mark)
Tumors of the skin: Angiomas Tx eletrolysia/ readation
Tumors of the skin: Verruca Wart skin lesions
Tumors of the skin: Verruca Tx carbondoxide, liquid nitrogen, salicylic acid
Tumors of the skin: Neve (molds)birthmarks Congential skin blemish that is usually begining but not becoming cancerious (non vascular tumors)
Tumors of the skin: Basal Cell Carcinoma Skin Cancer
Tumors of the skin: Basal Cell CarcinomaRelated factors Chemical contactSun exposurereadation treatment
Tumors of the skin: Basal Cell Carcinomaapperance Scaly; on face and upper trunk
Tumors of the skin: Basal Cell CarcinomaMedical Management Remove (50%) reacurrence rate
Tumors of the skin: Squamous cell carcinoma arise on epidermis, cancerious, neoplasim, firm, nodular w/ crust, metastisize quicklu via lymp syst
Tumors of the skin: Malignant Melanoma cancerious neoplasm in wich pigment cells invade the epidermis, dermis, subcutanious. (can metastisize any organ ) MOST DEADLY SKIN CANCER
Alopecia loss of hair
Hypertrichosis Excessive growth of hair in masculin distribution
Hypotrichlsis absince of hair
Paronychia Nail disorder:nails become soft, brittle, and change shapes
Burns: result from Electricity, chemical, radiation
Burns: Stage 1 Most critical houres 12 to 24 up to 48 hrs. when third spacing(fluid shift from capuleries to surrounding tissue causing edema and blistering) cells become dehydreated
Burns: Stage 1 (third spacing s/s) blood pressure decreases, flow to kidneys decrease, increase chance of renal faluer
Burns: Stage 2 Diuretic stage :48 to 72 hrs after injuery, circulation overload, may result from the shift back
Burns: Stage 3 Longterm rehabilation, normal status, free from wound infections
Burns: assessment depth, caustive agent, temperature/duration of contact, skin thickness (age and other disease
Burns:Rule of 9%:arm arm sholder to tip(9%) head to neck (18%) anteria trunk (18%) Posteria trunk (18%)leg grown to toe (14%) grown (1%)
ABC's of nursing Interventions for burn pt Resp, vital, circulation, I/O, ambulation, bowel sounds, inspect wound, mental status
Escnar black leathery crust (slough)
Debredement removal of dead tissue
dressing change medication give 30 min befor dressing change
autograft surgical transplant from tissue of one part of the body to another
Hemograft Skin transfer between dissimular species of the same type. another person
Hecterograpoh tissue from another specues
When are Grafts dressing to be changed when ordered
Nutritional for burn pt increase calorie 2000 to 6000(depending on the burn) & protin requirement
Created by: kharrell
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