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Musculoskeletal Medical Terminology

myel/o bone marrow; spinal cord
osse/o; oste/o bone
chondr/o cartilage
cost/o rib
spondyl/o vertebra
thorac/o chest
vertebr/o vertebra
cetabul/o acetabulum
arthr/o; articul/o joint
lei/o smooth
muscul/o; my/o muscle
rhabd/o striated
tendin/o; ten/o tendon
kyph/o humpback
lord/o swayback
scoli/o curved
-blast immature
-centesis surgcal procedure to remove fluid; aspiration
-clasis surgical fracture or refracture
-dynia pain
-clast breakdown
-desis surgical fusion; surgical binding
-genesis formation
-malacia softening
-sarcoma malignant tumor or connective tissue; smooth muscle
-physis to grow
-porosis porous
-asthenia no strength
-clonus turmoil
-ion process of
-thermy heat
-kinesia movement; motion
-trophy nourishment; growth
-plasia development; formation
ortho- straight
endo- within
peri- around
sub- under
TKR total knee replaement
TMJ temporomand; bular joint
EMG electromyography
ROM range of motion
RICE rest, ice, compression, elevation
-osis condition of
-oma tumor; mass
-cyte cell
-tome instrument used to cut
-um sturucture
crani- skull
-al pertaining to
faci/o face
-plasty surgical repair
mandibul/o mandible; lower jaw
tempor/o temporal bone
maxill/o maxilla; upper jaw
-ary pertaining to
stern/o sternum; breastbone
xiph/o sword
-oid resembling
-eal pertaining to
coccyg/o coccyx; tailbone
lumb/o lower back, loins
sacr/o sacrum
-pathy disease
infra- below; beneath
brachi/o arm
carp/o wrist
olecran/o olecranon (elbow)
inter- between
radi/o radius
uln/o ulnar
acetabul/o acetabulum; hip socket
ili/o hip
calcane/o heel
femor/o femur; thigh bone
-pexy surgical fixation
-ar pertaining to
supra- above
tibi/o tibia; shin
fibul/o fibula
-algia pain
-scopy process of visual examination
burs/o bursa
dia- through
epi- on; upon
ped/o child
pronati/o facing backwards
supinati/o facing forward
tens/o stretch
flex/o bend
duct/o to draw
dorsi- back
-or person or thing that does something
ad- towards
ab- away from
my/o muscle
fasci/o fascia
-rrhaphy suturing the fascia
kinesi/o movement
-logy study of
-meter instrument movement
poly- many
-lysis destruction; breakdown
-ous pertaining to
tenosynovi/0 tendon sheath
ton/o tone tension
dys- bad; difficult; painful
circum- around
plantar the sole of the foot
ex- out
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