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Characterization how the author creates and reveals lifelike characters
Theme the main idea or moral of a work
Imagery Words that duplicate the senses
Tone The overall attitude or feeling of a work
Allusion A reference to a familiar work, event, or idea
Setting The time and place a work is set
Simile Words comparing two unlike things using like or as
Symbolism An object or thing that stands for something else
Diction The author's precise use of words
Metaphor Words comparing two unlike things without using like or as
OE Old English
ME Middle English
Fr French
OHG Old High German
ON Old Norse
Gk Greek
L Latin
It Italian
Ar Arabic
Contrast to stress differences
Describe recount of relate something in sequence/story form. bring out details
Discuss examine and talk about an issue from all sides
Compare make points of similarity and difference) mostly similarities
**Explain make clear, analyze, clarify
Connotation ideas and feelings a word brings to mind
Denotation dictionary meaning of a word
Five steps of the writing process Prewriting or thinking about writing, writing the first draft, revising, editing, proofreading
Revising adding, subtracting, and rearranging words
Editing Removing clutter
Proofreading Correcting spelling, punctuation, etc.
Punctuation of titles capitalize/underline- novels, plays quotation marks- short story, poem
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