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Extreme sports

kinds of sport

Bungee jumping the activity of jumping of a high bridge tied to a long rope
extreme mountain biking the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes.
extreme skiing is performed on long, steep slopes in mountainous terrain.
ice-canyoning the very dangerous sport in which you climb down deep canyons in the ground covered with ice
ice-diving the very dangerous sport in which you dive through a hole into very cold sea that has ice on the top
skysurfing activity of jumping out of a plane with a wide board on your feet, twisting through the air and opening your parachute very late
snowboarding sport of standing on a short wide board and moving very fast down a hill covered with snow
snowrafting sport of moving very fast down a hill covered with snow sitting in a rubber boat
white water rafting the sport of moving a rubber boat through water and round rocks in a river that is flowing very fast
take up start doing something
be into love
turn up arrive
back out not to do it
go through with it do it as planned
put on wear
set up organise
get across explain
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