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Periodontics II

Dental Hygiene Process of Care

Implementation is the _____ stage of the DH process of care and has ____ steps. 4th and 4
What is the act of putting the dental hygiene care plan into action? Implementation
What are the dental hygiene interventions in the care plan performed in order to acheive? Patient goals and expected outcome
What needs to happen before the process of implementation? Patient must be informed and consent to the planned course of treatment
Why is it improtant to explain (communicate) the plan to the patient effectively? Decrease fear and anxiety, build trust, help cement patient and clinician relationship
You can't proceed with implementation until the patient has what? Understands and accepts the plan
How can we help the patient understand the plan of care? Explain in understandable terms, communicate at the appropriate level, use visual aids, discuss benefits, risks, time, cost, and alternative treatment options
Case presentation has ____ purposes. 2
What are the purposes of case presentations? To meet legal responsibilites for care, and to encourage collaborate treatment efforts between you and the patient
What do we need to provide for the patient to participate in choices of treatment given? Give patient informed decision, encourage, and get their full participation in treatment of decisions and goals
What is the best way to ensure case acceptance? Provide self-care education and motivate patient
What are some forms of visual aids to help patients understand treatment? Flip charts and models
What is the leaning ladder? Unawareness, aware, self-interest, involvement, actions, and habit
Unawareness includes what? Incomplete or inaccurate information
Awareness includes what? Correct information, but lacks personal meaning
Self-interest includes what? Information now has personal meaning
Involvement includes what? Motivated to act
Action includes what? Based on a perceived need
Habit includes what? Behavior is modified
First we are ______, next we become ______, then we show ______, then we become _____, then we take _____, then we form a ______. unaware, aware, self-interest, involved, action, habit
Implementation has what four steps? Preparation, performance, after care, and recording
How do you prepare for implementation? Asepsis, sharp instruments, proper armamentarium, and safe enviroment
How do you perform for implementation? The actual provision of services
How do you perform after care in implementation? Recap treatment provided at the end of the appointment and prescriptions, post-op instructions, reappointments, and post-op phone call
How to do record for implementation? Important documentation
What are the three scenarios? can and will do it, can but doesn't do it, and can't do it
Performance requires _______ of DH theory, _______ in clinical skills, and true ____ and ____ for the patient, and care based on his or her individual needs. knowledge, competence, care, and concern
We need to motivate the patient with ______ reinforcement. Positive
What is the DAR format? Data, Action, and Response
What is the SOAP or SOAPIE format? Subjective data, Objective data, Assessment, Plan, Intervention, and Evaluation
What are the requirements for documentation? Dated, complete, accurate, legible, and provider identified
What sould you never do in documentation? skip a line, white out, scribble out a change
What is the correct way to fix a documentation mistake? Single line through error or change with an initial
What can we do to improve patient compliance? Simplify, accommodate, remind, and record patient compliance or noncompliance, inform and identify potential noncompliers and discuss the risks with them
Created by: daisenmurray
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