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Anesthesia Reference Questions

Nerve impluse (sensation of pain) are prevented by blocking the ________ ion from entering the nerve membrane. sodium
A nerve can reach firing threshold if the current is able to skip over one node to another node that may not be blocked by anesthesia. This is due to: salatory conductions and anesthesia not covering at least 8-10 mm of the nerve membrane
What would NOT be a barrier to local anesthetic effectiveness? high percentage of base molecules in local anesthetic
What would the initial clinical overdose signs/symptoms be, for most anesthetics, if they occured in a patient given a local anesthetic without epinephrine? CNS stimulation
How many milligrams of epinephrine are contained in one cartridge of LA with 1:100,000 epinephrine? .018
If a patinet is "sensitive" to systemic actions of epinephrine what response might you expect? increase BP, heart palpitations, restlessness, dizziness
An allergic reaction is: likely to be life threatening whe respiratpry symptoms occur and is alleviated by giving the patient benedryl when symptoms first occur.
When a reaction is described as being idiosyncratic this means: it was caused by an unknown reason, genetic defect, and or patient psychosomatic status
You are giving an IA injections to your patient, you are anesthetizing which nerve? inferior alveolar nerve, mental nerve, lingual nerve
A 27 gauge short needle is: 20 mm long and 1 in. long
You are going to scale and root plane the max. and mand. left quads on a patient who needs local anesthetic and has a history of mild hypertension, is not on BP meds and has no other medical history complications. What LA would be the best choice? Prilocaine w/ 1:200,000 epi
If you choose to use lidocaine 1:100,000 on a patient who has a history of high blood pressure and is current;y on medication and their BP is in WNL. How many carpules would you consider appropriate to use at one appointment? 2 carpules
Approximately how many carpules can the average healthy adult patient have per appointment of Lidocaine 1:100,000? 8 carpules
What would the maximum number of carpules that should be used on a healthy 70 pound girl during one appointment if you were using 2% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epi? 3 carpules
When applying topical anesthetic, ________ minutes are required for optimal effectivness. 1-2
The mandibular IA block is frequently less than the profound anesthesia needed due to_________ anatomic variations, lack of needed amount of LA solution deposited, and injection site below mandibular foramen.
Which of the following would not be indicated for an infiltration injection? anesthesia of #30, and anesthesia of #4 with a perio abcess
_________ combined with local anesthetic may cause a dangerous increase in heart rate and blood pressure. cocaine
One rubber "stopper" full of anesthetic would be approximately what volume? 0.2 ml
What drug interaction may occur if a patient is taking cimetidine (Tagamet) and given an amide local anesthetic? It can cause a deacrease in the capacity of the liver to metabolize the amide anesthetic.
A patient who manifests the following symptoms of lethargy, respiratory distress and cyanotic mucouse membranes and fingernails 3-4 hours after having local anesthesia may have... methemogobinemia, had a large dose of priolocaine local anesthetic
Which of the following factors should be considered when determining the maximum dose of LA to be injected? patient's weight, patient's age, patient's physical status
A characteristic that identifies the TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) technique of local anesthesia is________ anesthesia is obtained through applying a low voltage electric impulse to the target ares
Immediately prior to repolarization, which ion has the greates concentration on the outside of the nerve membrane? potassium
The duration of the local anesthetic depends on______ the binding potential of the cation
Diffusiblity of local anesthetics and time of onset of anesthesia are dependent on the? pH of the extracellular fluid, pH of anesthetic solution, number of base molecules available
The most coomon cause of unconsciousness in the dental office is_____ fear and anxiety
Small bubbles 1-2 mm in diameter, seen in a local anesthetic cartridge are usually nitrogen bubbles
Which of the following best explains the mechanism of action of the local anesthetics, such as lidocaine and prilocaine? specific receptor theory
Which of the following would NOT be a characteristic of the Gow Gates nerve block? has a higher incidence of positive aspiration than the inferior alveolar block
Whichof the following injection provide pupal anesthesia? PDL injection
The depth of penetration when giving a PSA to a typical adult patient is approximately 16 mm
Which of the following injections require less than 1/2 cartridge of anesthetic nasopalatine
An injection site landmark that is at the height of the mucobuccal fold over the 1st premolar is a characteristic of which injection infraorbital
For most mandibular teeth, inflitration anesthetic is impractical because of the density of the bone
How many milligrams of local anesthetic are found in a cartrige containg 2% lidocaine 36 mg
Inflammation reduces the effectiveness of local anesthesia due to which of the following reasons? increase vascularity and cationic molecules, reduced pH of surrounding tissues
Hematoma could be observed most frequently following the posterior superior alveolar nerve block
To acheive heostasis of the palatal gingiva distal to the first premolar, which technique is recommended? Greater palatine nerve block
If an anesthetic containing levonodefrin is selected, the concentration of the vasocontrictor will be 1:20,000
Pulpal anesthesia of the madibular 1st premolar would be acheived by giving Incisive nerve block
Facial soft tissue anesthesia for the mandibular first molar would be achieved by giving buccal
Pulpal anesthesia for the mandibular first molar inferior alveolar nerve block
Localized lesions that occur intraorally aprroximately 2 days after local anesthetic injections are usually identified as secondary bacterial infection and herpes simplex
Which of the following injections would not anesthetize the mandibular molars buccal
Impulse conduction in myelinate nerves occurs faster then unmyelinated nerves due to salatory conduction
In reading a medical hx, you note a patient reports uncontrolled hyperthyroidism, In considering medical contraindications to local anesthetics you would link the hyperthroidism most closely with contraindications with what cardiovascular disease
You are going to recommend an analgesic for post-op discomfort. According to current literatue what would be the best recommendation? Ibuprofen
Of the following, which is responsible for binding at the receptor site RNH+
Inflammation reduces absorption of local anesthetic agnes and Increases the proportion of ionized form
which of the following local anesthetics is least recommended for pediactric use? bupivacaine
Carbocaine is the proprietary or brand name for which type of anesthetic agent? Mepivacaine
How many milligrams of local anesthetic are found in a cartridge containing 2% lidocaine plain 36
Complication: Trismus temporary loss of muscular function due to damage to peripheral nerve fibers
Complication: Hematoma Swelling of discoloration due to a fusion of blood into the surrounding tissues as a result of a torn blood vessel
Complication: Syncope fainting, usually a phychological induced condition
Complication: Paresthesia Altered sensation such as pins and needles feeling due to damaged sensory nerve
A hematoma can result from an incorrectly administered PSA block because the needle was overinserted and penetrated the pterygoid plexus of veins
Which of the following local anesthetic blocks has the same target area as the incisive block mental block
Which of the following nerves is not anesthetized during an interior alveolar block buccal nerve
Which of the following anesthetic blocks uses pressure anesthesia of the tissue with an appicator stick to reduce patient discomfort? Greater palatine block
Which of the following tissues are anesthetized during and IO block? upper lip, side of nose, and lower eyelid
If the mesiobuccal root of the maxillary molar is not anesthetized by a PSA block the dental professional should administer an MSA block injection
Which of the following is an injection landmark to palpate before an inferior alveolar block cornoid notch
The injection site for the greater palatine block is located on the palate near the maxillary second or third molar
If an extraction of a maxillary lateral incisor is scheduled, which of the following anesthetic blocks should be administered besides the IO block. Nasopalatine
Transient facial paralysis can occur with incorrectly administered inferior alveolar block
Allergic reactions to local anesthetics result from an exaggerated response of the immune system
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