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WREB Anesthesia Questions

How many CC of anesthetic is in a carpule? 1.7- 1.8
Pat is on dialysis. What type of anesthetic is contraindicated? Neither Estar or Amides
Pat has restricted opening of the mouth. What is this condition called? Trismus
What should you recommend Pat do it they have restricted opening of the jaw? 1st 12 hours Cold, heat, warm saline analgesic, muscle relaxant
Why is sodium bisulfae used in anesthetic? Prolongs the vasoconstriction
When giving the PSA, what anatomical area do you NOT want to go into? venus plexus pterygoid
What muscle is palpated in the retromolar triangle area? medial pterygoid
Gave Pat 3 carps of 3% lido. Decided the anesthetic is bad. Decided to give 2%. How much more can you give? up to 4 more carps, 300 mg is the max, 1.8 X 3= 90 mg
You have a postive aspiration. What do you do? reposition the needle
Mrs. Smith has abscess above #10. Which injection do you give? MSA
Mrs. Smith has diabetes and angina pectoris. What emergency medications, related to her medical condition, should you have near by? nitroglycerin, sugar, ammonia capsule, epi
In asthma of what anesthesia should you use? amide with a vasoconstrictor
Which needle gauge has largest diameter? 23-25
After injection pt. face becomes swollen and distended. Why? nicked blood vessel
If your purpose was hemeostasis would you do a block or local infiltration injection? Local infiltration
True or False: 1:100,000 is half as much as 1:50,000? True
You give a patient an injection when you start to work on them, they report feeling pain. Why? Didn't deposit solution close to the nerve
Pat is going into vasopressor syncope. How can you tell? Face is gray and there is sweat on it
Pat is going into vasopressor syncope. How is Pat's breathing? rapid and shallow
Pat is going into vasopressor syncope. What does the vein in his neck look like? Show no change
While aspirating the harpoon becomes disengaged. What do you do? remove and start over
1-2mm. Bubbles in carpule. Why? Nitrogen bubbles form manufacturing
1-2mm. Bubbles in carpule. What do you do? get bubbles out and proceed with injection
Extraction of #15, what injections do you give? PSA and GP
What anesthetic is contraindicated in pseudocholinesterase? Esters
Where is the site of injection for the MSA? Apex of 2nd bicuspid
Pat has anaphlaxis, how do you know, and what do you do? Rapid pulse, wheezing, rash, decrease in blood pressure
What action does epinephrine not have? lax smooth muscle and decrease heart rate
Where is the PSA foramina located at? Pterygopalatine Fossa
What is the purpose of epinephrine- acid (salt bisolfite)? added for shelf life
Created by: daisenmurray