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Anesthesia Board Review

During administration of a local anethetic, if the needle touched anything other than the injection site it should be: discarded and replaced
Epinephrine is added to local anesthetic solutions to: decrease the rate of diffusion and absorption from the injection site
Which of the following teeth would the dentist usually anesthetize by block-type injection prior to cavity preparation? mand. molars
A pt. states " I am allergic to Novocaine". When questioned further he describes his experience as "shortness of breath, palpitations, cold perspiration and fainting for a few moments". From this information the pt. is: apprehensive about recieving dental care
Local anesthetic produce their primary effects by: blocking nerve conduction
A vasoconstrictor, such as epinephrine, is included in the solution of a local anesthetic because it will: delay absorption from the site of injections
The functional and structural unit of the nervous system is the: neuron
Hematomas are most likely to occur with which of the following injections? Posterior superior alveolar
Following administration of a local anesthetic agent, the patient displays irregular breathing, muscle rigidity, uncontrolled body movement and pallor. Bllod pressure reading remains stable. The patient is most likely experiencing: hyperventilation
Disadvatages of using a tetracain-containing aerosol spray include: Inhalation of the anesthetic
What are the signs a patient would demonstrate if a local anesthetic containing epinephrine was mistakenly injected into a blood vessel? Blood pressure increases
Which of the following does NOT justify the use of epinephrine in local anesthetic solution? It blocks nerve impulses in sensory fibers
Topical anesthetic agents are most effective when applied to: non-keratinized soft tissue
Patient reactions to local anesthetic agents are most frequently due to the: Psychogenic factors
If a paitent is sensitive to procaine, he is most likely to be sensitive to: Chloroprocaine
Another name for Mepivacaine hydrochloride is: Carbocaine
Most local anesthetics hve a vasoconstrictor that combines in their formula. Which one has epinephrine in the concentration of 1:100,000? Lidocaine
Which of the following is a derivative of benzoic acid? Procaine
A local anesthetic is: Weak base poorly soluble in water
Decreased pH in the tissues of an abcess make complete local anesthesia difficult due to: impairment of the liveration of anesthetic base
Local anesthetics penetrate the myelin sheath. True or False False
You would expect greater absorption of the anesthetic solution from: Intravascular injection
True or Fasle: To help prevent systemic complications during local anesthetic, topical anesthetic should be applied befor giving the injections. True
Mepivacaine is what type of an anesthetic? amide
What is the vasoconstrictor found with Mepivacaine? Levonordefrin
The vasoconstrictor in Lidocaine is what concentration? 1:100,000
Lidocaine is what type of name? A generic name
What is the concentration of Mepivacaine that uses a vasoconstrictor? 2%
You should not administer any local anesthetic unless you have what immediately abailable? Hemostat to grab the needle if it should break. Emergency kit which should contain Benadryl for allergies, Oxygen, smelling salts for syncope, Valium in case of a seizue form overdose.
One possible contraindication in using a cartridge of anesthetic is with someone who is allergic to restaurant salads, Why? Sodium Bisulfites
Draw and label six parts of the syringe and needle that we use in clinic. Thumb ring, Finger grip, barrel, piston rod (plunger), harpoon, thredded hub
The lower the gauge numbers the larger the lumen size of the needle. True or Fase True
What is the proper order of injections techniques: 1. apply topical antiseptic 2. apply topical anesthetic 3. dry the tissue 4. re-dry the tissue 5. locate your landmarks 5, 3, 2, 4, 1
What is the proper order of preparing armamentarium: 1. insert the cartridge 2. engage the harpoon 3. attach the needle 1, 2, 3
How many ML's of solution does a cartridge hold? 1.8 ml
There are other important items in the local anesthetic armamentarium besides the syringe, needle, and cartridge. What are they? Topical, disposal box, needle holder
What is the blood pressure above which you should NOT perform ANY dental treatment on a patient? 140/90-160/100
True or False, Dr. Malamed does NOT think highly of hygienist administering local anesthetic? False
Created by: daisenmurray