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Occupations ELL

Occupations ELL for Financial Literacy

Forester A person who helps manage the forests and keep it healthy
Coroner A person who investigates cases of death that are violent or unexplained.
Pediatrician A medical doctor specializing in children and their diseases.
Optometrist A person who is qualified to examine the eyes and prescribe and supply glasses and contact lenses
Ophthalmologist A medical doctor who specializes in eye and vision care. They are trained to perform eye exams, diagnose and treat disease, prescribe medications and perform eye surgery.
Animal Control Officer A government worker responsible for enforcing local ordinances regulating animal ownership and responding to incidents involving animals.
Butcher A person whose trade is cutting up and selling meat in a shop
Anesthesiologist A doctor that sedates (puts to sleep) patients for operations or give them strong pain medication during procedures
Corrections Officer A person who keeps order and enforces rules in a jail or prison
Meteorologist A person who studies and predicts the weather
Appraiser A person who estimates the value of things such as houses, cars, or jewelry.
Created by: gabbydlb