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Biodiversity Exam

Biodiversity definition the variety of life within a specific ecosystem which also includes the variability within and between species and of ecosystems
Factors that effect biodiversity climate change, invasive species, pollution, exploiting the land, habitat destruction, disease
How is biodiversity measured? species richness and abundance
Importance of biodiversity influences food and energy security, vulnerability to natural hazards, health, material wealth, freedom of choice, spiritual and religious values, and social relations, increased diversity in genes, poverty reduction, global economic benefit
Three components of biodiversity diversity of genes, number of species, and ecosystems
Causes of breakdown of biodiversity swidden agriculture, commercial logging, cattle ranching, habitat loss
Post-zygotic barriers and examples mating actually occurs reduced hybrid viability - zygote fails to grow decreased fertility - fails to produce viable gametes hybrid breakdown - leads to illness or mutations
Pre-zygotic barriers and examples before fertilization (mating does not occur) temporal isolation - mating patterns=different seasons habitat isolation - different habitats behavioral isolation - no attraction mechanical isolation - structural differences gametic isolation - gametes
Species definition a group of populations whose members can interbreed
Ecosystem definition a self-contained community of microorganisms, animals, and plants, that interact with each other and with their physical enviornment
Habitat definition physical and chemical description of where a creature lives (might describe the dominant vegetation, type of place)
Species richness definition number of different types of species or organisms
Abundance definition number present of a particular species รท the total number x 100 = percent or fraction value
Intrinsic value definition something that has value in and of itself
Utilitarian value definition the value of something acts as a means to another's end {ex: sustainable timber (goods), skiing, scuba diving (services and recreation), national park ranger (information)}
Taxonomy definition the science of naming organisms
Order of classification Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species
Scientific naming binomial nomenclature - same name no matter where you go
Created by: sammyogdahl