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What are enzymes? Enzymes are important proteins found in living things An enzyme is a protein that reduces the activation energy of a chemical reaction
What are of an enzyme fits the substrate? Active site
Substrates undergo chemical changes to form new substances called? Products
Enzymes only interact with what? Specific substrates
Enzymes do what? Speed up reaction
Enzymes reactions can be what? slowed down or speeded up by factors, such as temperature, pH, substrate and inhibitors.
Enzymes can be used how many times? Over and Over again if they maintain their shape
Enzymes are involved in what processes? Enzymes are involved in nearly all metabolic processes
What is Metabolism? The chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life
The activities of enzymes depend on what? Temperature, Ionic conditions, and the PH
What does an enzyme do? An enzyme enables molecules called substrates to undergo chemical changesto form new substances called products
Substrates are the what of chemical reactions? Subtrates are the reactants of chemical reactions
Describe an enzyme? an enzyme has an area called the active site on its surface that fits the shape of the substrate
What is activation energy Energy require to imitate a chemical reaction or process
How does catalysts speed up a chemical reaction? When energy levels of a molecule decrease the quicker the reaction will take place
What is the Hypothesis that helps explain enzyme functioning? Lock and Key
Enzymes control this aspect of chemical reactions? The rate
The name of an enzyme typically end in what 3 letters? -ase
Created by: ajebailey