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Chap 1 - Career Exp

Chap 1 - Career Exploration ELL version

Benefits Are company-provided supplements to salary examples are: sick pay, vacation time, profit-sharing plans, and health insurance
Salary Is the amount of monthly or annual pay that you will earn for your labor
Job analysis Is an evaluation of the positive and negative attributes of a given type of work.
Promotion The action of raising someone to a higher position or rank or the fact of
Entrepreneur Someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the ownership risks of a new business
Upgrading Advancing to a higher level of skill to increase your usefulness to an employer
Retraining Learning new and different skills so that an employee can retain the same level of employability.
Advanced degrees specialized, intensive programs (taken after obtaining the first college degree) that prepare students for higher-level work responsibilities with more challenges and higher pay.
Networks Informal communication structures that are established for people to talk to each other and share information
Employee expenses Things that are not paid for by the employer such as uniforms and the cleaning of uniforms.
Networking Meeting people that could have information that will help you in your career
Laid off To cease (stop) employing a worker
Annual Occurring once every year
Annually Yearly
Profit Sharing When companies share their profits with their employees.
Created by: gabbydlb