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Command Terms

IB Biology: Unit 0

Define precise meaning
Draw labelled, accurate diagram or graph
Label add labels to a diagram
List sequence of brief answers w/ no explanation
Measure obtain a value for a quantity
State brief answer w/o explanation or calculation
Annotate add brief notes to a diagram/ graph
Calculate obtain a numerical answer w/ work
Describe detailled account
Distinguish differences
Estimate approximate value
Identify answer from a number of possibilities
Outline brief account
Analyze break down
Comment give a judgement based on reason
Compare similarities
Compare and contrast similarities and differences
Construct display information
Deduce reach a conclusion
Design produce a plan
Determine only possible answer
Discuss considered and balanced review (for something abstract)
Evaluate appraisal by weighing strengths and limitations (for something concrete)
Explain detailed account including reasons or causes
Predict expected result
Sketch diagram of graph that gives general idea
Suggest propose a solution
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