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Ancient Asian Civili

Ancient Asian Civilizations

common adj. Most widely known,ordinary
cultivate v. To grow and/or tend to a crop or plant
fertile adj. Rich in the materials or nutrients needed to produce many strong,healthy crops
Indus River n. The river at the center of the first civilization in early India
irrigation canals n. Ditches cut into the earth to direct water where needed
bustling adj. Full of activity; moving busily or energetically
nestles v. Settles in snugly and comfortably
recede v. To draw back or move away from a certain point
source n. The start or cause of something
existence n. Life; presence; state of being real and actual rather than imagined
Hinduism n. The most widely practiced religion in India and the third largest,religion in the world
represents v. Expresses or stands for
sacred adj. Holy; something used in or dedicated to the worship of God or gods
contrary n. The opposite of what was previously stated
devour v. To eat very quickly; to gobble up
distracted adj. Unable to focus or concentrate on something
pious adj. Religious
unjust adj. Not right or fair
bawl v. To cry out loudly
grope v. To reach about or search blindly and uncertainly
marvel n. Something that makes you feel wonder, surprise, or admiration
observation n. The act of paying close attention to or studying something
resembles v. Has a likeness to or is similar to something
archer n. Someone who shoots with a bow and arrow
custom n. A habitual practice
Diwali n. A Hindu festival that celebrates the goodness in other people
prosperity n. Being successful or having good fortune
Buddhism n. The world’s fourth-largest religion, which honors the Buddha and his teachings
conquer v. To overcome something by mental or physical force
suffering n. Misery or pain
venture v. To do something despite a possible danger or risk
plateaus n. High, wide, flat ground
silt n. A mixture of soil, sand and clay
sorrow n. Deep suffering or pain that results from a loss or misfortune
Yangtze River n. The longest river in China
Yellow River n. A river that flows through China’s northeastern lands
character n. A symbol or picture used in a system of writing
durable adj. Something that is strong and made to last for a very long time
remarkable adj. To be recognized as uncommon or extraordinary
beggar n. A poor person who begs
cork n. A stopper made out of the bark of a cork oak tree
praise n. Congratulations or admiration
scowl n. A frown of anger or disapproval
barriers n. Obstacles that block something or someone’s way
emerge v. To come out or rise into view
plunged v. Threw oneself or pushed something forcefully into a liquid or other material
trade n. The process of buying, selling, or or exchanging goods; an exchange
defense n. The act of providing protection or safeguarding against an attack
intervals n. The spaces between two or more objects or moments in time
span v. To extend across an amount of space or a period of time
transport v. To carry or move from one place to another
eager adj. To have great interest in something or really wanting to do something
example n. Someone or something that serves as a pattern to be copied or followed
sages n. People known for their wisdom and judgment
adhering v. Following or holding onto
banished v. Sent or drove away
grudges n. Bad feelings held against one or more persons
prosperous adj. Having good fortune or success
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