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USIDMS LE Venous Insufficiency

What is the congenital absence or malfunction of valves? (Rare!) Primary Venous Insufficiency/Venous Incompetence
Secondary venous insufficiency is caused what state? Post-phlebitic (damage to valves secondary to thrombosis and/or venous outflow obstruction)
Why does venous insufficiency often cause ulcerations? Pressure continuously builds up and eventually breaks down the tissue
What carries approximately 15% of venous blood volume in the leg? (HINT: No adjacent artery) Great Saphenous Vein (GSV)
What vein is found on the posterior aspect of the calf? (HINT: Typical confluence is at popliteal vein) Small Saphenous Vein (SSV)
What is the typical direction of flow between the superficial and deep venous systems? Superficial -> Deep
There is no chronic outflow obstruction if what two veins are compressible? CFV & Popliteal Vein
What is a feasible alternative to the Valsalva maneuver if the patient cannot hold their breath or other outstanding circumstances are present? Proximal Compression (Augmentation)
What is the patient positioning for a reflux study when standing is not plausible? Semi-Fowler's position (patient's head elevated and legs lowered)
What are two patient contraindications to standing during these exams? Fainting, motion sickness, dizziness, nausea (Name 2)
Distal augmentation should take place approximately how far below the evaluated vein? 6-8 inches
What is a histogram? Doppler display
Where do you want your Valsalva maneuver to appear on your spectral Doppler screen? Middle of the display screen
How can you be certain there is reflux present in your patient? See reflux in both maneuvers
How many seconds of reflux post maneuver classifies your patient as having the worst (Grade 4) reflux? Over 6 seconds post maneuver
Where do perforating veins course from? Superficial to deep veins
Where should you measure perforating veins if you see them large enough to note? Measure at the place they run through the deep fascia
What ablation procedure does not have an immediate effect, and can even take as long as a couple of weeks to see results? Radiofrequency Method
What ablation method is more effective than radiofrequency and shows results immediately? Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT)
What method involves painful injections, a temporary fix, and is merely cosmetic? Sclerotherapy
Created by: tncox1