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Med Science, immun

What is phagocytosis? Bulk movement of solid material into cells, it is completed by active transport and occurs in phagocytes, a type of white blood cell
What are bacterium?
What are phagosomes?
What are lysosomes? Membrane-bound vesicles containing digestive enzymes that break down waste molecules
What are phagolysosomes
What is a bacterial fragment?
What does 'self' mean? self cells (Y)
What does 'non self'? Non self cells (Y)
What are characteristics of the innate immune system? Rapid, non-specific, Agressive
What is TLR signalling?
What are Toll-like receptors?
What are endosomal nucleic acid sensors?
What is an infectious agent?
What are characteristics of the adaptive immune system?
List the specific defence mechanisms and explain each:
What is the humoral defense system?
What is the cell mediated response?
What are T and B cells? Where do they mature?
Lymphocytes? how do they know what their target is? How do they find it?
What are the differences between primary and secondary lymphoid tissue?
What are NK cells?
Define clonal expansion
Define positive and negative selection
What are receptors?
What is the thymus?
What are lymph nodes?
What is the spleen, what is it's role?
What's surface immunoglobulin (sIG)
What is TCR?
Are lymphocytes identical to each other?
Where do T cells mature?
How many types of lymphocytes are there?
What allows cells to be specific?
What maintains immunological memory?
Where do lymphocytes come from?
Name two components that can make holes in cells:
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