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Chapter 16

String and Characters: A Deeper Look

Character Constant A character that's represented as an integer value, called a character code
Unicode Character Set An international character set that contains many ore symbols and letters than does the ASCII character set. Character constants are established according to the Unicode character set
String Literals(String Constants) Sequences of characters in double quotation marks
Verbatim String It's possible to exclude escape sequences and interpret alll the characters in a string literally, using the @ character to create a verbatim string. Ex: string file = @"C:\MyFolder\MySubFolder\MyFile.txt";
1. CopyTo Method Copies a specified number of character from a string into a char array. First argument is index fro which method begins copying characters in a string. Second is character array into which characters are copied.
2. CopyTo Method Third is index specifying starting location at which method begins placing copied characters into character array. Last argument is number of characters that method will copy from string. Ex: string1.CopyTo(0, characterArray, 0, characterArray.Length)
Equals Method Used to compare strings to determine whether they are equal. Method returns true if the objects are equal and false otherwise. Ex: string1.Equals("hello");
struct C# provides a concept called a struct(short for "structure") that's similar to a class. structs represent value types.
Class ValueType Derives from class object. All struct types derive from this class
System.Char In the struct System.Char, which is the struct for characters, most methods are static, take at least one character argument and perform either a test or a manipulation on the character
Regular Expressions Specially formatted strings used to find patterns in text. They can be used to ensure that data is in a particular format
SaveFileDialog Objects Are used for selecting files
Modal Dialogs Dialogs that prevent the user from interacting with any other window in the program until the user closes the dialog
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