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Dental Materials

Final Review

T/F: If an alginate (irreversible hydrocolloid) impression is not successful you can reuse by reheating? False
What are ways to improve comfort? Quick setting alginate Select and try in a different sized tray Push tray into place more firmly Alter the tray by trimming the edges Pad the edge of the tray with some soft wax
What will extra water do to impression material? Will make it weaker and make the setting time slower.
What will give you more time with alginate? Cold water will allow it to set slowly giving more work time in the mouth.
What is a disadvantage of working with cold water? Doesn't set in a good manner of time to keep the patient comfortable.
What ways could you make plaster set up faster? heat it up using a blow dryer on low setting,
What ways could you make plaster set up slower? refrigerate the water to make is cold
For cementing a gold crown, which of the following would be an undesirable cement? cement that shrinks it will form gaps that will become a plaque trap.
For a porcelain crown which of the following would be an undesirable cement characteristic? cement that expands as it sets, you want it to be a neutral as possible.
Created by: daisenmurray