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Flashcard Project 2. Lessons 22-27

Gaag Porcupine
Makwa Bear
Zhigaag Skunk
Mik Beaver
Esiban Raccoon
Waagosh Fox
Waabooz Rabbit
Nigig Otter
Zhashkoonh Muskrat
Jidmoonh Squirrel
Nimosh Dog
Gaazhag Cat
Maashtaanish Sheep
Mishaabooz Goat
Zhiishiib Duck
Naabese Rooster
Memaangshenh Donkey
Bezhigoogzhii Horse
Pishkise Goose
Baakaakwenh Chicken
Zigime Mosquito
Aamoo Bee
Gnebig Snake
Memengwaanh Butterfly
Miimiinh Moth
Mshiikenh Turtle
Waawaatesesiinh Firefly
Siginaawish Earthworm
Bbig Flea
Oonjii Housefly
Mjikaawin/Mjikaawinag Glove(s)/mitt(s)
Mkizin/Mkizinan Shoe/Shoes
Naabkawaagan Scarf
Shkiinzhigokaajganan Glasses
Wiikwaan Hat
Mdaas/Mdaasan Sock/Socks
Bagwayaan Shirt
Biiskawaagan Coat
Miiknood Pants
Biindaagan Pocket
Dengway Face
Doon Mouth
Dibenh Head
Zid Foot
Ninj Hand
Aankoo-nik Wrist
Doondan Heel
Ninkiinsan Fingers
Zidens Toes
Jaanzh Nose
Datgaagon Spine*
Denniw Tongue
Dooskweyaab Vein
Kan Bone
Masad Stomach
Wiibid Tooth
Noogan Hip
Pigegan Rib
Mskwi Blood
Nagizh/Nagizhiin Intestine/Intestines
Created by: amorymissios



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