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Module #9 Test


Define Immutability of Species The idea that each individual species on the planet was specially created by God and could fundamentally change.
Define Microevolution The theory that natural selection can over time, take an organism and tranform it into a more specialized species of that organism.
Define Macroevolution The hypothesis that processes similar to those at work in microevolution can, over eons of time, tranform an organism into a completely different kind of organism.
Define Strata Distict layers of rock.
Define Fossils Perserved remains of once-living organisms.
Define Paleontology The study of fossils
Define Structural Homology The study of similar structures in different species.
Where did Darwin do most of the work which led to his hypothesis of evolution? On his voyage on the HMS Beagle
Did Darwin ever recant his scientific beliefs? No
What was the main idea that Thomas Malthus' work gave to Darwin? That the individuals within a population struggle against other individuals to obtain what is necessary in order to survive and reproduce.
What was the main idea that Sir Charles Lyell's work gave to Darwin? That "The present is the key to the past"
What age old concept was Darwin able to dispel with his research? The immutability of species
If after several generations, the horses gave rise to giraffes that could easily reach food in the trees, would that be an example of mircoevolution or macroevolution? Macroevolution
From the genetic view point, what is the main differences between microevolution and macroevolution? microevolution has the ability in their genetic code to be able to change with the environment and macroevolution adds information to its genetic code.
For each set of data, indicate whether it is evidence for or against macroevolution or it is inconclusive : Geological Column, Fossils, Structural Homology, and Molecular Biology. The geological column is inconclusive, Fossils are against it, and Structural homology and Molecular Biology is against it.
Name two creatures that macroevolutionists claim are intermediate links and why they are not really intermediate links. Archeopteryx and the Australopithecus Afarensis, because they are just a ape and a bird.
What is the Cambrian Explosion? Why is it a problem for macroevolutionists? It is the "explosion" of life in Cambrian times; because it all happend in a short period of time when its suppose to take eons of time and there was no way to understand it and no intermediate links.
What are the four ways a bacterium can become resistant to an antibodic? mutation, conjugation, transformation, and transduction
If a bacteria has a mutation that makes it resistant to an antibodic, does information get added to its genetic code? No
Based on macroevolutionary assumptions, which organism's Cytochrome C should most resemble that of yeast: a kangaroo or a bacterium? Bacterium
What problem with Darwin's hypothesis did neo-darwinism hope to solve? How to add information to your genetic code and neodarwinist say through mutation.
What problem with Darwin's hypothesis did punctuated equilibrum attempt to solve? It would save the problem of not having missing links.
How would an adherent to punctuated equilibrum explain the lack of intermediate links in the fossil record? The intermediate links would not exist for very long so the chance of being fossilized is very small.
What problems mentioned in this module still exist for those who believe in punctuated equilibrum? Structural Homology and Molecular Biology states that even with punctuated equilibrum it still could not have happend.
Created by: liv2dance