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radio NBDE II random

x-ray has the ______ wavelength and the _____ energy shortest, highest
what happens when mA is doubled? Intensity of the beam doubles
What controls the penetrating characteristic of an x-ray? kVp
What influences resolution? focal spot size
What is the first sign of acute radioation exposure? erythema
What is the most radioresistant tissue? nerve and muscle cell
What is the most sensitive tissue? hematopoetic cells
What four factors will affect density? Increase mA, increase exposure time, decrease object-thickness, decrease target-object distance
What is the best imaging film for viewing internal derangement of the TMJ? MRI
Intensifying screens (increase or decrease) exposure time and (increase or decrease) radiation exposure decrease, decrease
How many shades of gray does an 8-bit image have? 256
what are coin tests used for? detecting light leakage
T/F. A light radiograph is caused by long processing time. False
What is the filter in an x-ray machine made of? aluminum
What is the effective dose? comparison of the radiation risk in humans from different radiographic exams and doses
collimating an xray beam will increase or decrease penetration? increase
Ionizing radioation causes what major biologic damage? Radiolysis of water molecules
Electrons flow from anode to cathode or from cathode to anode? cathode to anode
What is the penumbra? Geometric unsharpness with a fuzzy area surrounding the contours of the teeth and osseous tissues
T/F. An intensifying screen with external x-ray will decrease radiation exposure True
What is the function of an oil unit of an x-ray tube housing? To dissipate heat from the target
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