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english mid-term studyguide

Henry David Thoreau Henry David Thoreau
Oneness Thoreau's philosophy of being self-sufficient and also being one with the wild.
"Wild" Thoreau's philosophy of life and existence and that when you are the "most alive" you are the "wildest" it is also his idea that "life consists of wilderness
Views on economics Thoreau saw exploration of the mind and world as the goal for life rather than wealth. if you understand this youu can be free from toil and worry. he also thought there were spiritual beliefs of a simplified lifestyle
Views on how life should be lived Thoreau believed that one should live life to the fullest and that one should be totally self-sufficient, and in the Wild, and not work so hard that they can't enjoy life. also his philosophy was based off of his visions of the future and ageless ...
Views on how life should be lived continued: from answer side:while truths from the past. believed man should reduce a fact of his imagination to be a fact of understanding. philosophies were practical, poetic, personal and universal. time and opportunity can't be bought sold or stolen: lifestyle can make our lives worth-
Higher Law thoreau thought that society's and the government's laws were less important than those you believe in and your morals and ethics
John Brown abolitionist who raided harper's ferry, and was defended by Thoreau under thoreau's philosophy of Higher laws
Why Thoreau lived at Walden Pond Thoreau lived at Walden Pond because he though that life should be lived in the Wild alone being totally self-sufficient, and not working yourself into the soil.
Transcendentalism the philosophy of transcending reality and becoming one with nature and one's surroundings.
what was Whitman's philosophy towards life?
What poems (yes the names of them) connect to the above? "Song of myself"
How does Walt Whitman connect to the ideas of this class? Walt Whitman connects to the ideas of this class in that he
Richard Proenneke Richard Proenneke
what situation leads him to his experience? the situation that lead proenneke to his experience was that he wanted to try living on his own in the wild for a few months
where exactly did he live? Proenneke lived on the lower lake of the twin lakes about 40 miles northeast of Port Alsworth
connections with Thoreau they both went out to live on their own for several years, they both had limited connections to the world around them/"outside world"
Dean Potter Dean Potter
Connections with Thoreau? Proenneke? "Into the Wild"? Dean Potter Connects to thoreau in that they both got the most out of life in the wild. Dean Potter connects to Proenneke in that they both find meaning in being in the wild alone. Potter connects to Chris McCandless from "Into the Wild" in that they...
Connections with Thoreau? Proenneke? "Into the Wild"? are both risk takers and find meaning in going off into the wilderness alone.
Aron Ralston Aron Ralston
What Situation leads him to his experience? Ralston is led to his experience because he decided to go climbing but wasn't sure where he wanted to climb so the only thing he wrote on his note to his roomate telling where he would be was "utah"
Parallels with Joe Simpson They were both climbing when they got injured, They both survived their injuries despite odds being against them, and they were both experienced climbers.
Main Characters from "Touching the Void" and Major actions Joe Simpson, Simon Yates, Richard. Joe and Simon both climb Suli Grande Alpine style. Richard took care of Simon and Joe's medical problems after they finished climbing
goals of the expedition the main goal was to sucessfully ascend and descend Suli Grande. the secondary goal was to do it without injury
connections with everything we've read? it connects to Thoreau,
"Into the Wild" "Into the Wild"
major characters names and importance Chris McCandless
Alex's connections to the other material we have studied Alex connects
concepts of life/existence
Civil Disobedience
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