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non-fiction terms

just wahat it says as the name non fiction terms duh

Essay short pice of nonfiction writing
Biography account of a persons life writen or told by another person
Autobiography account of a the writers oun life of events or life
Objectivity accurate distortion casued by the writers own prejudices
subjectivity opinions
connotation all the meanings assocition or emotions that a word suggests
denotation the strict dictionary defintion word
expostion the type of writhing that explanes or gives information
narration series of related events
description type of writing intended to create a mood or empact
bandwagon the appel that suggests that unless you act now youll be left out
motive and emotion or desire that acts as an incitement to action
deduction starts with an opnion or idea and then supports it with reson and example
induction starts with detail evidence and ends with a logical conclusion
fallcy an error in logical thinking
emotional appeal words and phrases that appeal strongly to the audinces feelings
logical appeal reson, facts, statistics
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