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Dental Materials

Chapter 4- Adhesive Materials

Postage stamps are now self-adhesive. The paper (actual stamp) is referred to as the ____, and the sticky material on the back of the stamp is termed the_____. A. adherend, adhesive B. adhesive, adherend C. adhesive, bonding agent D. adherend, biofilm A. adherend, adhesive
"Braces", the metal brackets are bonded with bonding material. If one breaks off and the failure occurs within the bonding material, this is a what type of failure? A. adhesive B. adherend C. cohesive D. macromechanical C. cohesive
What are the steps restoration placement? 1. Clean 2. etched- rinsed w/ water 3. bonding resin is applied 4. enamel is cleaned w/ pumice 5. dried w/ air after cleaning 6. etched- dried w/ air 7. restorative material 8. etchant is applied 1. Enamel is cleaned w/ pumice 2. Clean surface is rinsed w/ water 3. Cleaned surface is dried w/ water 4. Etch is applied 5. Etched surface is rinsed w/ water 6. Etched surface is dried w/ air 7. Bonding resin is applied 8. Restorative material
Orthophosphoric acid (enamel etchant) is commonly used in a ____ concentration? A. 27% B. 30% C. 37% D. 47% E. none of the above C. 37%
Why do primary teeth need to be etched longer than permanent teeth? A. it compensates for potential behavioral management problems B. Enamel is denser C. Enamel rods are more regularly arranged D. Enamel rods are less regularly arranged D. Enamel rods are less regularly arranged
Dentinal bonding systems function by way of: A. micromechanical bonding and secondary atomic bonds B. macromechanical bonding and secondary atomic bonds C. micromechanical bonding and primary atomic bonds D.macromechanical bonding and primary atomic.. A. micromechanical bonding and secondary atomic bonds
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