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words that i should know

host an animal or plant an in which a parasite or commensal organism live
industrialization the process in which a society or country transforms itself from a primarily agriculture
trade off a balance achievea between two desirable but incompatible features
global warning worldwide trend of increasing average temperatures
reforestation to replant
precipitation is any kind of water that falls from the sky as part of the weather
parasite an organism that obtains nourishment and shelter
heterotrophic organism that gets its energy and nutrients by consuming other organism
no renewable resource natural resource that is used more quickly than it can be formed
autotrophic organism that gets its energy from nonliving sources such as sunlight or inorganic chemicals
abiotic nonliving factors in the environment such as moisture temperature wile sunlight soil and minerals
renewable resource resource that replaces itself quickly enough so that it will not be used faster than it can be made
pollution anything that is added to the environment and has a negative affect on the environment or its organisms
population all of the individual of species live in the same area
producer organism that gets its energy from abiotic sources such as sunlight or inorganic chemical
fossil fuel a natural fuel such as cool or gas formed in the geological past
Created by: karlarivera01