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English Final

Cede To give up/surrender
Climactic Most exciting/important
Deign To do something that one believes is below him/her
Admonish To caution against
Censure To give strong dissaproval
Injunction A warning
Despondent Depressed
Abate To reuce
Banter Speaking teasingly
Accost To approach someone with anger
Epithet A word/phrase that describes someone/something
Brusque Talking/acting unfriendly
Commiseration Sympathy/sorrow
Decorum Good manners
Deprecate To show dissaproval
Demeanor How one appears to others
Condone To allow wrong behavior to continue
Benign Kind/gentle in character
Glean To gather bit-by-bit
Blithe Happy and carefree
Manifold Many and various
Purport To claim to be
Vivacity State of being happy and lively
Abet To help a criminal
Bauble Fake/cheap jewelry/decoration
Callow Immature and inexperienced
Depcrepit Old/poor health
Effaced To erase
Lacerate To cut/tear roughly
Malady Sickness/illness
Neophyte Someone has just begun learning something
Opulence Wealth/riches
Paradox Two contrasting things
Repose To be at rest
Abase To lower (in importance)
Circumscribe To draw a line/shape around something
Embelish To make beautiful with decorations
Debacle Complete failure
Bilateral Involving two groups
Sinious Having many twists and turns
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