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Final Review

Semester 2

What is the most important characteristic of a population to ensure survival during habitat change? biodiversity
Think of a castle under attack. What part of the castle is similar to your skin? the wall
Identify the two main sources of genetic variation gene shuffling & mutations
During the different nutrient cycles biotic is converted to abiotic. What i biotic and abiotic? biotic: living abiotic: non-living
What determines all of our traits? DNA
Given the following replicated DNA strand, what was the original? TGATGCTAGC ACTACGACG
How do lethal alleles remain in a population? heterozygotes
Identify the genotypes of the offspring if you cross BB x Bb. BB and Bb
If you cross Tt x Tt and the homozygous recessive is lethal, what is the chance of the child dying? 25%
Why does a nerve cell have different jobs that a muscle cell? cell specialization/ different genes expressed
Place these in the proper order for protein synthesis: mRNA, ribosomes, DNA, tRNA DNA, mRNA, tRNA, ribosome
How many strands does DNA possess 2
How much genetic material is provided by each parent? 50%
Identify DNA's monomer nucleotide
Why does a virus need a host? can't replicate/reproduce
Which organelle uses sunlight to produce sugar choloroplast
What does an enzyme do to a chemical reaction? speed up
Define theory. Can theories be disproven? a well proven statement, yes
When you fight a virus, what kind of immunity do you develop active
Which direction does a motor neuron travel? to the body from the brain
Genetic drift tends to occur in populations that are what size? How does it affect biodiversity? small, makes less diverse
Which system coordinates the body's response to changes in its internal and external environment? nervous system
According to Darwin's theory of natural selection those that survive are what? fittest
Which type of pathogen causes AIDS? virus
When an action potential reaches the end of a neuron, it triggers the release of what? neurotransmitter
Which two systems are responsible for gas exchange? respiratory, circulatory
A DNA molecule produced by combining DNA from different sources is called what? recombinant DNA
Beak size of finches on the Galapagos was determined by what? available food
Give one example of a non-specific defense againt invading pathogens. skin, mucu, salive
Natural selection acts directly on what? phenotypes
Oxygen is transported from the lungs to the body by what system? circulatory
What are the two parts of the peripheral nervous system? motor and sensory
Which division of the nervous system transmits impulses from eh sense organs to the central nervous system? sensory
When a person receives a vaccine, what does their body create to fight against that specific pathogen antibodies
Which system cleans your blood and removes liquid waste? excretory
Give one example of a clone. Dolly/ bacteria grown in petri dishes
What process allows the body to maintain a stable temperature? feeback inhibition
In the past, mass extinction s encouraged the rapid evolution of survivin species because more of what was available? niches
What is a stable environment called? homeostasis
Antibiotics fight infection by killing what type of pathogen? bacteria
Unlike passive immunity, active immunity antibodies are produced by whom? yourself
What are the three parts of a DNA nucleotide? phosphate, deoxyribose, nitrogen base
If DNA had CTAGGT, what would the messenger RNA be? GAUCCA
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