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Anishnaabemowin 4-8

Flashcard Project 1. Lessons 4-8

Bkwezhigaansag Cookies
Waabi-mnoomin White Rice
Nenaabgaanh Porridge
Baashkiminsigan Preserves
Ninaatigo-ziiwaagimide Maple Syrup
Nboob Soup
Zhiigbiisgan Pork Drippings
Mkade-ziiwaagimide Molasses
Naapaane Flour
Ziisbaakod Sugar
Ziitaagni-gookoosh-wiiyaas Salted Pork
Waawan Egg
Baakaakwenh-wiiyaas Chicken
Doodooshaaboo Milk
Giigoonh Fish
Mizise-wiiyaas Turkey
Waawaashkesh-wiiyaas Deer
Bzhiki-wiiyaas Beef
Waakoonsag Roe
Gookoosh Pork
Ziiwbag Rhubarb
Zhigaangwanzh Onion
Jiis Turnip
Koosman Pumpkin
Jiisens Carrot
Mskojiis Beet
Mnijiimin Pea
Gchi-niibiish Cabbage/Lettuce
Mdaamin Corn
Mskodiismin Bean
Zhaaboomin Gooseberry
Wiigwaasmin Cherry
Mskomin Raspberry
Bookdoonzh Pear
De'min Strawberry
Bagaan Nut
Miinkaan Seed
Miin Blueberry
Zhoomin Grape/Raisin
Bgesaamin Plum
Zaawaa-mide-naagan Butter Dish
Zaasgokwaan Frying Pan
Zhiishiib-kik Kettle
Pabwin Chair
Booski-naagan Bowl
Mookmaan Knife
Doopwin Table
Gziibiignaagne-naagan Sink
Kik Pot
Bdak'jiigan Fork
Created by: amorymissios