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biology final test review

if n is haploid and 2n is diploid, write the equation for fertilization n+n= 2n
when an organism grows a "bud" or branch that breaks off and becomes a separate organism, what type of asexual reproduction is this? budding
how could you tell if single celled organisms are reproducing you will get more single celled organisms
why is a control group used in an experiment it is what you compare the results to
why do some adaptations get passed on to offspring they were beneficial to survival and reproduction
what must occur for evolution to continue sexual reproduction
how are alleles passed on to offspring by parents during sexual reproduction each passes half of their alleles randomly
what do all plant cells contain cell walls and chloroplasts
what is a change in the genetic code called mutation
a diploid cell has on set of what from each parent chromosomes
what type of reproduction involves egg and sperm sexual
what is natural selection and how does it relate to reproduction rate leads to the production of more offspring
in animals sexual reproduction begins with these two cells egg and sperm
when one egg is fertilized by a sperm, what is the fertilized egg now called zygote
does locomotion help or hinder reproductive success helps
how does an offspring created through asexual reproduction compare genetically to the parent it is identical
which cell organelle controls the cell nucleus
when two gametes unite to form a zygote what type of reproduction is occurring sexual
asexual reproduction of a diploid cell results in what two diploid cells (2n reproducing asexually is splitting into two identical cells- 2n in each)
how do butterflies reproduce sexually by laying eggs
what process requires light in plants photosynthesis
Created by: anushajiwani1